I began waitressing when I was 18 and continued with it on and off until I was 30. I've seen a lot of things happen in restaurants, some good some bad. It's definitely a job I think everyone should do at least once so they understand what it's like. It's not as easy as it seems and when you deal with factors like rude customers, and a busy kitchen and bar, things can become extremely stressful. Add the fact that we are in a pandemic and servers have to wear masks and sometimes even gloves, it's even more stressful.

Buzzfeed put out a list of "27 Utterly Infuriating Things Restaurant Customers Actually Do During COVID-19 That Need To Stop Immediately." I am not going to list them all, but I am going to point out the ones that as a former server I think are the most important. So maybe you've been doing one of these things and now you should stop.

  • Not tipping on take-out. If you're ordering pizza, and picking it up, slip a dollar in the top jar on the counter. If you're ordering food to go, tip the person who brings it out. They may only be dealing with to go orders and would definitely appreciate it. Also make sure you're tipping your delivery drivers.
  • Do not argue about a mask policy. We're in a pandemic people! If you don't want to wear a mask, do not dine out or go pick up food.
  • Do not ask your server to remove their mask so you can hear them better. That is going to make them feel uncomfortable and you're putting everyone else at risk.
  • Leaving a bad review because you're in a bad mood or because of one small mistake. Restaurants need business right now and if you're in a bad mood and just wanna be nasty, just go away. Some restaurants goes read reviews online religiously and you could be convincing them to not eat at a restaurant for a stupid reason. Just be kind and patient.

Restaurants have gotten hit really hard during this pandemic and many have been forced to close their doors for good. Servers and bartenders and restaurant owners are losing money, so when customers come in and dine at their restaurant or get take out, I'm. sure they are very appreciative of it. Sometimes they may be understaffed because they can't afford to pay as many employees as they used to. Patience, kindness and just human decency are going to go a long way at a restaurant these days, as well as a little bit extra tip when you feel the service was exceptional. Remember, everyone is struggling right now and there's no need to be a jerk.


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