If you're a Bucks County High School student, you could win $300 in the annual Bucks County High School Poet of the Year contest, according to Levittown Now.

The Bucks County Community College Poet Laureate Program has been running this contest for 34 years. It's open to all grade levels, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who live in Bucks County and are home schooled or go to a Bucks County high school. If you've won before, you're no longer eligible. You have some time, but, if you're planning on entering, I'd start thinking about this now. You have until 4pm on Friday, March 19th to enter three poems (they must be original pieces). You can submit your entries and fill out the entry form here.

So many people are still buzzing about National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman. The poem she performed at President Biden's Inauguration, "The Hill We Climb," was incredibly powerful and moving. I cried. Gorman has inspired young people all over the world, and Bucks County Community College hopes she's inspired local youth as well.

Dr. Ethel Rackin, professor at Bucks County Community College and Director of the Bucks County Poet Laureate Program, said, “Each year, scores of young poets from across the county send us their best work to be read, honored, and celebrated. It’s no wonder the competition resides at Bucks, for this place has long been a haven for poetry. This is a place for readers and writers, speakers and audiences, those taking first steps on this path, and those whose feet know each turn. Perhaps Gorman can inspire young writers in Bucks County to enter their poetry, for we might even have the next National Youth Poet Laureate in our midst."

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