It’s time to enjoy summer not only with the humans in your life but your fury friends too!

There are a lot of places where you can’t always bring your dogs around, for obvious reasons, but I was looking for some dog-friendly activities to bring my dog to this summer.

My dog Nico is obsessed with playing around in the water, but the kiddie pool we got from the store isn’t cutting it for him anymore.

I wanted him to experience the actual ocean this summer and I found a list of dog-friendly beaches that I could plan a day trip to bring him to this summer.

Making a plan to take a trip to a dog-friendly beach is also just a great way of bringing your pup on a car ride that you know they all love.

There are only so many dog parks and dog-friendly places to bring your pup, but this summer we should make it a priority to show our dogs somewhere new!

After looking around for dog beaches in the state, there are some rules that go into the whole “bring your dog to the beach” event.

You would think that because beaches are open to the public and are outside, you could have the option of bringing your dog to whichever beach you chose.

Since there are all kinds of rules about being on a leash or being off-leash, the times which you can bring your dogs, and the times of the year they can go, I narrowed it down.

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