Here's a great way to show your pride and support during Pride month.

Tell your friends and family. Bordentown City's LGBTQ+ Pride and Community Day is this Sunday, June 12th. This is a kid-friendly/family friendly day with lots of fun activities planned.

Here's the schedule:

At 1pm, there will be a Pride Parade through town. Everyone is welcome to be a part of it. Remember, it's PRIDE...the more colorful the better. Meet at the Riverline station on Park Street at 12:30pm.

Make sure to stick around after the parade for the Pride Cookout Party. It's going to be at Bordentown hot spot, Hob Tavern. Go hang out. You'll get $2 off your first beer at Bordentown favorite, Tindall Road Brewery, located at 102 Farnsworth Avenue. There will also be a "Taste of the Rainbow" drink special at Old Town Pub, located at 135 Farnsworth Avenue.

Oh my gosh, this is going to be so cute. At 2pm, there will be a Pet Fashion Contest at Bordentown Home for Funerals, located at 40 Crosswicks Street. It's sponsored by Sullivan's Bark Bar and Kitty Lounge.


From 3pm - 5pm there will be a bunch of fun activities for the kids by Leaping Dog Art Studios. There will be live music, crafts, face painting and more.

The Bordentown Regional High School organization, Student Voices, will be there too, collecting donations for other youth organizations.

Roman Didkivskyi
Roman Didkivskyi

Stop by Smilies Sweet Spot at 216 Farnsworth Avenue for a FREE rainbow Italian Ice. There will be Pup Cups for your furry friend too.

It sounds like a full day of fun you don't want to miss. 

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