Princeton University has announced its plan to develop another campus in West Windsor.

The new campus would be named Lake Campus, since the proposed land is right along Lake Carnegie.

This would be a great addition because the main campus is obviously in such a busy area, so it would be nice to expand to a more open piece of land. says the new campus would serve as an extension of its main campus and as a hub for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The university intends to submit their application to the West Windsor Planning Board this spring.

Some of the features of the plans include more graduate housing, athletic fields, and more parking for visitors and commuters.

More parking is definitely a bonus! And more housing, too, of course.

I think that expanding the Princeton University campus is really smart and innovative on their part because Princeton is such a busy and innovative area, so it would be cool to see it expanded outside of the bustling city-like area.

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