Yikes! Princeton University is still trying to combat with COVID-19 trying everything they can to keep their students happy. It’s already bad enough that many are not on campus, now they can’t enjoy campus activities the way they would like to either...until now. According to nj.com is spending $80K on a virtual lawn party.

The university is trying their absolute hardest to keep their students minds and pockets happy, but this move that they recently made has made all of their students a little unhappy. The school typically hosts an outdoor event, Lawnparty, every year, twice a year to be exact, specifically for undergraduate students. The event lasts all day and students can eat tons of food that is catered and students watch various musical performances. Princeton Lawnparties always end with the headliner of the event. In years past they have had Rihanna, Maroon 5, B.O.B., Lupe Fiasco, Big Sean, just to name a few. This year they announced that they would be hosting a virtual party. 

The problem with this even is the cost. Since this year’s Lawn Party is going to be virtual it doesn't really make sense for the school to spend a lot of money on it right? According to nj.com, Princeton University reportedly spent 80k, with this year's headliner being Jason Derulo. The school is receiving a lot of backlash after finding out how the Ivy League school decided to spend this money during a pandemic.

 I will agree that I don’t think it was a good idea. 

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