According to Jersey, Princeton University will meet with West Windsor's planning board today to expand Princeton University's campus. The plans are for a Lake Campus South of Princeton University off of Washington Road in West Windsor. They are planning to build a softball stadium, a resource building, and a parking garage. The pictures of what the new campus should look like look really cool. The meeting is set for tonight at 7pm to discuss the beginning stages of approval. The campus will be located about 1 mile from where the downtown Princeton area is.

Princeton University has such a gorgeous campus and I feel like we are so lucky to live so close to such an awesome and famous University. Before COVID, when the weather was nice, my husband and I would walk around Princeton, take pictures and just enjoy the ambiance. Now that things are getting better in the world and we have our vaccines, we definitely feel like we're ready to be out and about at our favorite places again. When PST moved from our office right off Route 1 in Princeton, we had heard that Princeton University bought our building and now it seems like there's truth to this rumor. It was pretty cool working so close to Princeton University, so it's not crazy to me that the University would expand into West Windsor. Pretty awesome!

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