Planet Princeton reports, the 4th Annual Jammin' with Santa is happening tomorrow (Saturday 19th) at Princeton High School. This year's event will be very different, but the Princeton High School studio band and jazz ensemble still hopes it is successful. In years prior, a food drive would take place and people. could get their pictures taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus. The Princeton High School Jazz emsemble would also perform some holiday pieces to keep the crowd entertained while they mingled with Mr. & Mrs. Claus and dropped off their food donations. However, this year things will be different. Donators are still welcome to bring their food donations, but put them in your trunk and when you pull up the Princeton High School, volunteers wearing masks will come to your car and get your donations. You will then be able to wave to Santa and Mrs. Claus from your car. After you leave Princeton High School, you've gotta head home because the rest of the event will be virtual. Collections will be taken from 10am to Noon at Princeton High School and then the virtual event starts at 1pm.

Any further information you need, visit Princeton Jazz on Facebook, or the Princeton Jazz section of the Princeton High School website or check out this flyer below.

These are events that we all NEED to still be having this year. Traditions are something that are going to keep people happy this holiday season. I don't know about you, but anytime I can see Santa, I am so excited. I've seen him a bunch of times on firetrucks and at other Christmas events and it instantly makes me happy. I know that this 4th Annual event won't be like years prior, but it will still be an event that will bring smiles to people's faces and I think that is something that is desperately needed this holiday season.


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