Online learning has thrown all of us for a loop in 2020.

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There's the issue of whether your child's school is doing in-person learning, remote learning, or a hybrid of the two. Then, parents have been faced with the task of finding care for their children while they're working, or stepping back into the role of a teacher with online classes. One California mom, Deb Plafker, a.k.a. "Principal Mom" is making the best out of a strange situation and is embracing the latter. Good Morning America shared the story about how "Principal Mom" is running school in her home.

Deb's been doing the announcements daily, and her daughter Jamie is uploading them to her TikTok account. Deb's son and Jamie's brother Max is the lucky student making a cameo in the videos, and he's looking like he's being a good sport about the whole thing.

"Principal Mom" is the icon that 2020 needs - whether you look at it as she's making the best out of a bad situation, or she just doesn't care anymore, Deb is so relatable. I am not even remotely close to having kids, but I can definitely see myself doing something like this.

So when you're getting the kids ready for this year's interesting school situation, take a deep breath and look at "Principal Mom" for a laugh.

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