Quinoa is opening a new restaurant in Doylestown, PA next month.

The Mexican - Peruvian restaurant, Quinoa, previously held a location in Doylestown on North Easton Rd but closed it's door this past September after being in businesses for about five years.

Good news for Latin food lovers, the chain is set to open a new location in March right in the heart of the borough at 54 East State St.


Patch.com reported, "Co-owner Jack Egoavil said the restaurant is hoping to officially open on March 1. "We are very excited about the new location. Our menu will have lots of surprises, including some of our most traditional Peruvian and Mexican dishes as well as some new fusion dishes." Egoavil said."
Some of the mouth watering dishes include, appetizers like guacamole, quesadillas and empanadas and lunch specials like tacos, enchiladas and fajitas. If you haven't built up an appetite yet from that their dinner dishes have numerous entrees that vary from meat to fish meals.


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