There will be a rally and vigil in downtown Princeton this Saturday (March 27th) for those interested in standing together against Asian hate crimes and racism, according to Planet Princeton. The event comes after six Asian women were killed in three spa attacks in the Atlanta area last week.

Everyone in the community is welcome to attend. It will be held in Palmer Square (off Nassau Street) from 1pm - 3pm. It's being organized by several community groups, led by the Princeton Chinese Community group. For a complete list of the groups involved, click here.

The Planet Princeton article quoted a statement from the organizers of the rally that read, "We are outraged by the racially targeted killings in Atlanta as well as the blatant racism and misogynistic dehumanization demonstrated towards the victims. We ask for solidarity from all our brothers and sisters as we demand action and change. We ask our community leaders and elected representatives to respond to this violence with policies that support and protect our most vulnerable community members."

Princeton Mayor, Mark Freda, denounced the murders in Atlanta by saying that such acts of discrimination, hate crimes, and physical attacks are not part of our core values as Americans. Freda also urged the community to speak out against Asian racism.

Those attending the rally on Saturday should wear a face mask throughout the entire event and practice safe, social distancing. There is a parking garage behind Palmer Square, on Hulfish Street for your convenience.

For more information and to read the entire Planet Princeton article, click here.

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