Check your wallet and empty your pockets.

There are rare dimes circulating locally and they're worth a lot of money, according to The Reporter.

How much is a lot of money? Where are they circulating?


Rare dimes could be worth up to $1,000

Each of the unique dimes could be worth up to $1,000. Wow. Yup, that's a lot.

What makes these coins so rare and unique is that they're all missing an important "mintmark."

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The rare dimes were marked at The Philadelphia Mint

The dimes were marked way back in 1982 at The Philadelphia Mint. They have Franklin Roosevelt's face. They're all supposed to have a little "p" to the right of the date but, they don't...a mistake for sure.


Mint workers are responsible for adding the mintmark to the coins. They're usually inspected for mistakes, but for a reason unknown, these coins slipped through.

Rare dimes have been found in Bucks County, PA

Many have been found in Bucks County, PA because of it's short distance from The Philadelphia Mint.


Coin collectors are after them, trying to add these rare coins to their collections.

Michael Leven owns a coin shop in Sellersville called Bucks County Rare Coin and says, "I currently do not own any, but quite a few people in Bucks County have come across them." 

There are about 150,000 of the rare dimes in circulation

Be on the lookout. There are about 150,000 of these rare dimes floating around.

I live in Mercer County, NJ but checked my wallet anyway because Bucks County is right next door, plus I do some shopping in Bucks County.

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Darn. I don't currently have any. But, I'll be checking my dimes from now on.

It would be cool to find one. Keep your eyes open.

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