I am not one to be grossed out by many things, but I am a huge baby and am pretty much afraid of my own shadow. I am not afraid of many animals, but if I see a spider, I will jump and if I see a snake, I will start to sweat. It's just something about those two animals that make me feel all kinds of terrified inside. So why the heck did I chose to write about this two headed snake that was found in Burlington? I don't know, I guess I needed to torture myself and face my fear?

According to NJ.com, this little two headed guy was found by two men, both named Dave and they pointed out that this little guy is a baby and if they didn't find him, another animal may have and he could have been eaten. The two men work for the Herpetological Associates of Burlington County and I'm hearing they even named the snake Double Dave.

So, How did they find this rare snake? Well, they had been watching a nest that was protected and Double Date appeared one day. They think Double Dave was supposed to be two snakes and was just born as one. Double Dave even has two brains, WOW! They are going to keep it in their care because it probably won't survive on it's own.

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