The spotlight is on Mega Millions because a few lucky numbers could make the winner $1 billion richer. But what if you had to split this amazing jackpot with other people like your coworkers?

I used to belong to my office lottery pool, and it was fun. It was an odd team builder and it gave us all something to talk about in the office. One my coworkers said that participating he was investing in his retirement plan.

I have to mention that my previous office lottery pool was very organized. If you wanted in you agreed to offer a certain due/payment to play. Once it was all collected, a designated co-worker would purchase the lottery tickets. To make sure we were all on the same page, the purchased tickets would be scanned and emailed to all paid to pool members. Clearly, I did not win big from my previous endeavors because I am typing this article. I am still happily employed and have not bought a small remote island as part as an early retirement gift to myself.

Even though I am currently playing the lottery solo, I still dream big. Yesterday, my brother sent me an article from USA Today that gave some tips on what to do if you win the Mega Millions prize money and what to do to be fair in a lottery office pool winning situation.

According to Jason Kurland, self-proclaimed "Lottery Lawyer," the best way to prevent your coworkers from taking you to court to fight over the newly won money is to make copies of all the purchased lottery tickets and email them out to the coworkers who are participating in the office pool. This will provide everyone with documented proof that they have a stake in the prize money.

Another lawyer, Michael Haugh, also recommends that everyone who's in the office pool signs a written contract that lists each participant/coworker.

To read more tips go here.

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