One of the most popular pizza joints in America just announced a crazy new item on their menu:  the Three-Course Pizza! Villa Italian Kitchen is best known around the world for their mouthwatering handmade pizzas, but they soon will be known for serving a three course meal all on one dish.

This three course pizza is only 25 dollars, and you can get dishes from salad all the way to desert on the same pie. The pie is a challenge to eat, but in the end it is definitely worth it. Starting from the inside out, each and every pie starts with a heaping pile of crisp and creamy Caesar Salad on its center. As you work your way outward, there will be penne pasta tossed in sauce on the upper half of the pie. According to, the entire pizza crust is then stuffed with chocolate and drizzled with chocolate sauce to make up for a mouthwatering dessert.

The idea is for these huge pies to be served at events like Friendsgiving and holiday parties. “We know the holidays are a stressful time for people who can’t or would prefer not to cook,” said Stephanie Beamer, Divisional Vice President of Catering, Villa Restaurant Group. “With so many potlucks and parties popping up throughout the fall and winter, we wanted to create a solution for our guests who love our products and the convenience of an easy, high-quality catering option. The Three-Course Pizza provides the perfect solution – and tastes amazing, too!”

There happens to be a  Villa Italian Kitchen in Morristown New Jersey! So go test that big boy out!

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