Things are starting to get pretty creepy with Facebook. According to, Facebook has teamed up with different retail stores to keep track of what you are purchasing. Creepy, right?

The reason for that is to be able to give Facebook users ads based on what they have purchased.

What makes it even creepier is that this is not based on purchases that have been made online. This is all in-store purchases according to mentioned that the retailers share your email, name, or phone number, and a record of what you have bought with Facebook.

This is a great way for Facebook to make a lot more money because they are able to sell even more ads on their site. Good for them. We still think it's not okay to provide customers' personal information to other companies because we already get enough spam mail and calls.

According to Business Insider, Macy's and Dick's Sporting Goods are two retailers that are already teamed up with Facebook. It was also reported by 6abc that Facebook allows you to customize what kind of ads you get while on the social media outlet.

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