Yahoo says, retailers are seeing a rise in underwear and bra sales amongst women during the pandemic. Even though a lot of women were and still are working from home and people think they are just going without bras and panties, that's not always the case. Especially if the position they are working in requires them to still get dressed and be on Zoom calls. They still want to feel comfortable, but look professional, so they bought wireless bras and sports bras. Research is also suggesting that since some people weren't buying a whole lot of clothing items during the pandemic, they all of a sudden started buying. That probably had something to do with rise in sales as well. There are lots of other different theories about the rise in underwear sales and you can check them all out here.

I am not one to buy expensive underwear, but I have to say, the Victoria's Secret Pink line of underwear is my favorite. I always wait until they go on sale, usually you can get like 5 or 6 pairs for $30 and they are so comfortable. I like to buy the thin no shows, those are my favs. Now I feel weird that you know my underwear preference, but all good that's where I like to get my underwear. I find their bras to not be as comfortable as the ones from Target and I did, in fact, buy some wireless bras from them during the pandemic and they are amazing. They were on sale too! I do get the obsession and the rise in underwear sales. In the beginning of the pandemic, I wasn't going anywhere but the radio station. Staying home and staying comfy was what I was all about. I'm still that way, but we've started venturing out to a few more places, but now I just wear my comfy bras and panties under my clothes. It's a win win.

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