It's no surprise to anyone who has watched 6ABC, but Rick Williams has officially been named the anchor for the WPVI (6ABC)'s 11 pm broadcasts. The station just shared the news Tuesday afternoon. 

Williams will replace the legendary Jim Gardner, who will broadcast his final 11 pm show this evening. Williams will officially be the show's anchor starting tomorrow (January 12, 2022).

"It's no small thing to be able to follow a news icon and, in many ways, a role model. Jim set the journalistic bar very high at 11 o'clock, and I hope I can maintain the same standard of excellence ... while also having a bit of fun with my evening colleagues. It's going to be exciting," Williams said today.

Rick has been with the station for many years. He anchored the station's morning broadcasts from 1997-22002. Currently, he anchors their 5 pm broadcast (and 11 pm show on PHL-17).

Meteorologist Cecily Tynan and sports anchor Ducis Rodger will remain on the show, 6 ABC says.

Rick Williams arrived in Philadelphia in 1988. He is one of the most respected names in broadcasting in town. Just ask anyone who has met or worked with Rick because they all speak SO highly of Rick.

Jim Gardner, by the way, isn't totally saying goodbye to Action News viewers just yet. He will continue to broadcast the station's 6 pm broadcast for much of 2022 as he eases into retirement.

Tonight, however, should be an emotional broadcast as Jim has been a mainstay in Philadelphia for several decades as the 11 pm broadcast. Gardner announced his plans to retire back in November, which reported on at that time. 

The date for Jim's final 6 pm broadcast has been announced yet. So we don't have to say goodbye quite yet. Gardner has been at the station since 1977.

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