River Fest is back and ready to show you a good time at Arm & Hammer Park, home of the Trenton Thunder.

River Fest is taking place on September 25th from 12pm-5pm and will feature the Case's Pork Roll Eating Championship at 3:30pm. This year,  competitive eater Joey Chestnut will be competing in the competition.

Joey Chestnut is the competitive eater who wins the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest pretty much every single year.
There will be contests for you to enter, like a cornhole tournament, a wiffle ball hitting contest and even a golf contest. Some you can enter when you get there, and some you have to preregister.

There will lots of craft beers to try, lots of food to try and of course pork roll in many different ways.

Live bands will be there to provide some music for the occasion.

General admission tickets are just $5 at the door. You can preorder your tickets and get a t-shirt for $15. For tickets and more info, you can visit RiverFest.com.

I love pork roll and before I started dieting heavily, I would have a pork roll with egg and cheese on an everything bagel with ketchup at least once a week. When we are down the shore, I cook pork roll for everyone.

I feel like if you are from New Jersey and you haven't had pork roll, you need to get out of our state!  Just kidding, but I do recommend that everyone who lives here give it a try at least once. Go to a bagel shop and get it with egg and cheese on an everything bagel. Your life will change.

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