The Mercer County Park Commission has announced that the Rosedale Park lake is CLOSED until further notice due to dangerous algae found in the water.

The warning came from NJDEP that a "Harmful Algal Bloom" otherwise known as a "HAB" is present, and it can be harmful to humans and animals. "People, pets, and livestock should avoid contact and drinking the water. Avoid swimming, wading, and watersports. Fish caught in this waterbody should not be eaten." Yikes.

You can still go enjoy the rest of the park. The Mercer County Park Commission's website says that the playgrounds, trails, picnic areas, and dog park are still open to the public.

The Township of Lawrence Facebook page was answering some questions from concerned residents. One asked if the water fountain at the dog park was pumped from the lake, and rest assured, the township's answer was "no."

For more information, go to the DEPs website.

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