It's the end of an era, well sort of. The Trentonian is reporting that Rossi's Bar & Grill in Hamilton is in the process of being sold.

This is a big deal. Thankfully, the new owner, a longtime friend of the Rossi family and area businessman, will keep the Rossi name for the new place.

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The family owned and run restaurant for almost 90 years started out and remained on Morris Avenue in the very popular Chambersburg section of Trenton for many years.

If you're not familiar, Chambersburg (or The 'Burg as it was called by many) was like a restaurant row with a bunch of fabulous restaurants in one area.

In 2014, Rossi's, home of the Rossiburger, moved to its current location, on Whitehorse Mercerville Road in Hamilton. The move also started the partnership between Michael Rossi and Alan Meinster.

Have you ever a Rossiburger? It's a big, scrumptious burger that you can barely get your mouth around. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Under the new deal, Meinster will be staying on as managing director and consultant. He said some enhancements are in the works. Michael Rossi will enjoy his retirement.

Meinster said in the Trentonian article, "Mike wanted to retire and he certainly has earned that luxury. He's 70 and for 50 years of his life worked in the Rossi restaurant business. No doubt even his childhood years included helping out in some way. So, good for Mike."

I love the family history. Michael's grandparents were the originals owners. It was passed to his father and uncle, who then passes it to him and his sister. A true family business, one to be proud of.

Even though there will be some changes, there's a big 90th birthday celebration in the works.

I'll keep you posted.

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