Driving on Route 22 in New Jersey is a nightmare. Every time I am driving it I feel like I am going under the speed limit given the way everyone else drives. I avoid route 22 as much as possible. However, it's hard given it connects almost everything in Central Jersey.

The road is deadly. There are so many careless drivers that treat the road as their own personal racetrack. Back in June of 2020 four people were killed on Route 22 in Newark, and the story has since gotten a lot of public attention. Just a few months ago a woman was indicted on killing her friends after speeding and losing control of the car, according to RLS Media.

These incidents have happened one too many times on this road and thankfully Police are stepping in and finally doing something about it. Most recently, police pulled a man over for going 141 miles per hour, according to My Central Jersey. Do you understand how fast that is? That's NASCAR level fast.

I'll never forget driving down that road late one night, and almost being pushed off the road by two sports cars that decided to have a race. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

Bound Brook Police Department along with Green Brook and Bridgewater have all publicly committed to being stricter when it comes to speeding, according to My Central Jersey.

So the next time you want to zoom down Route 22, if the fact that you can kill someone doesn't make you slow down...maybe knowing that a heavy fine and possibly even jail awaits you.


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