Coming to a Rutgers sports game near you: beer and wine will soon be sold and served at sporting events.

This coming fall season, for the first time in decades, the university will be selling beer and wine to R.U. fans in the general-seating areas. Alcoholic beverages will be sold at venues like Stadium, Rutgers Athletic Center, and Yurcak Field, according to

For years and years, something like this was frowned upon at such events. There was even concern that the crowd would get too rowdy or drunk to control if alcohol was sold at sporting venues. Yet last year the Rutgers University Student Assembly (the student government for the undergrads at Rutgers-New Brunswick) conducted their own study and found that alcohol-related incidents were lower at venues that controlled the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Rutgers will make sure fans will be able to enjoy themselves and not get too drunk. They plan to have a two-alcoholic beverage limit per person for every transaction, and they'll likely plan a last call which is guessing will be at the end of the third quarter at football games.

If you're not in the mood to deal with drunk fans, Rutgers will have will alcohol-free areas.

To read more on the benefits of the sale of beer and wine at Rutgers sporting events and to get the full story go here


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