Have you ever been to Sammy's Express Car Wash? They have only been opened a short time, but have already made a great name for themselves. Their website describes them as a "revolutionary car wash" and with this pollen that has been around this spring, and I think we all really need our cars to be washed.

During the pandemic, being that Halloween and Halloween attractions were pretty much all canceled, Sammy's thought they would be something unique and began a Tunnel or Terror Haunted Car Wash. I know it got a lot of attention and kept people safe while still having Halloween fun. Now Sammy's Express Car Wash has come up on my newsfeed again, because of Dave.

Who is Dave you ask? Well, he's an employee that as you can see from the video below, gives car wash customers a little enjoyment after their cars have been squeaky cleaned. His signature moves include the air guitar and even an Irish jig. I'm sure he's got other moves too, but being that he works at a car wash and not in Las Vegas, I'm sure his dance moves are kid friendly.

These are the videos I love to see. I could spend hours watching fun videos like this. I really am that person who can sometimes get lost in the internet. I mostly get lost in puppy videos and acts of kindness. They warm my heart and make me feel good. I also like to see people helping others.

People like Dave make me happy too. It's nice to see people actually love their jobs and enjoy making me people laugh or smile. I feel like too many people these days hate their jobs, so to see someone like their job as much as Dave is a breath of fresh air.

You go Dave! keeping doing you!

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