It is that time of year again. SantaCon is back.The next two weekends, partygoers dressed up as Santa Claus will be flooding the streets of Hoboken and New York. And that means NJ Transits will be in extra use.

NJ Transit has issued one simple rule that you must follow if you plan on partaking in this epic event: no booze on the train. To make sure that this rule is implemented and followed, they will not be allowing any beverage aboard the transit system between December 7 and 14. Just in case you plan on sneaking some adult juice in your Gatorade bottle, NJ Transit is already two steps ahead of you. According to, the ban also extends to unopened six-packs and airline sized Fireball bottles.

This ban will be strictly enforced so don't even bother trying. According to, the Long Island Railroad, Metro North and MTA  will have similar bans during Santa Con. 

If you want to attend, register here Get your tickets before it's too late!

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