For many of you, breakfast is your favorite meal of the day. For me, my breakfast, at 2 am, is usually very simple. I have oatmeal and black coffee during the week and then maybe some eggs, waffles, or pancakes on the weekend when I am not rushing out the door. Simple fried eggs, bacon, and rye toast are a nice weekend breakfast. Is there anything better than dipping that toast into your eggs, I think not lol


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Now that we have established that breakfast is tasty, how about saving on the cost? Food right now is expensive, especially eggs, so if we can find a "cheap breakfast" that's delicious, well that's a win for everyone.

In a recent Cheapism article, they took a look at the "Best Cheap Breakfast Joint in Every State" and yes that includes us right here in the Garden State of course. Thought Catalog Thought Catalog




For Jersey, Cheapism chose a cozy breakfast cafe in Jersey City for the "Best Cheap Breakfast Joint in Jersey" they say Sam A.M. makes their "breakfast dishes and sandwiches with locally sourced ingredients alongside espresso beverages such as fresh-milk lattes. Try the pimento breakfast sandwich with a farm egg and house pimento on ciabatta, oatmeal sweetened with maple syrup and loaded with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and pecans, or one of the weekly grits breakfast specials topped with a fried egg and shredded cheese."

So let us know if you have ever tried out Sam A.M. in Jersey City. Give us your review. If you know a good "economical" breakfast place then share that with us too. This way you at home can enjoy a good breakfast at a good price.


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