"Hi Samantha, we are calling in regard to your current credit card debt...BLAH BLAH BLAH" Those annoying spam calls never stop!! Just this year alone, spam calls have increased by almost 30%. Those robots really need to leave us already. As annoying as it is, it seem like that will not be happening any time soon. It has been shared by experts that in the next few years this may get even worse....NOT FUN!

Annoyed upset woman in glasses looking at her smart phone with frustration
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Did you know that once you answer a spam call they automatically share your number with other scammers? These companies that are sharing your number are benefiting from it because they sell them! We want in on at least 50% of that sale. Melissa Companick with the Better Business Bureau told NEWS12, "Once you pick it up, it's flagged as an active number and your number can be shared or even sold,” These multiply every time you answer. Avoid answering any number that you may believe is a scammer.

An option you have to avoid scam callers is downloading apps like Robokiller. Unfortunately though, they do have a monthly or yearly fee.

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