It really sucks when a restaurant abruptly closes. Especially if it's one you've been to a million times. I used to visit the TGI Friday's on the Flemington Circle all the time because it was a halfway point to meet up with one of my friends. It was usually pretty busy when we were in there too, so when the news hit that it was closing, I was so sad. The  location in closed almost a year ago. Now we finally know what will be replacing it.

According to an article from My Central Jersey, a seafood restaurant named Red Crab Seafood is going to be taking over the spot where TGI Friday's used to be. Red Crab Seafood was founded in Florida and now have 10 restaurants and even plan to open more locations in Pennsylvania and the rest of the east coast. The one in Flemington will be the first one in New Jersey. Red Crab is supposed so have really good seafood and I'm not sure if there are any of it's kind in that area, so it might do better than the Friday's.

For more info, check out the article on My Central

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