I think majority of people can agree that when you go to an aquarium, those animals can totally mesmerize you. Well, imagine you were at the Jersey Shore and you saw a seal up close? You'd wanna see it and take pictures with it right? Well, this happened in North Wildwood to the cutest little seal and rescuers had to move it. The seal, who marine workers say absolutely belongs on the jettys, was just trying to get a nap and some sun, and he was just so darn cute that visitors and residents wouldn't leave it alone! I mean, who could blame them?

After many calls came in to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, rescuers checked out the seal and reported that it only had minor injuries and thanked the public for their concern. Workers removed the seal and brought it to undisclosed location, so it can now nap in peace.

What a cutie!


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