Anyone that works a customer service job every day will easily say that working with people is the toughest thing. The reason why is because it always seems like there is that one person that is never satisfied.

You will always run into that one customer that will find some sort of reason to complain about something. The Philadelphia Inquirer recently shared that there is a SEPTA bus driver that is always making videos on his social media that show the difficult times he has to go through as a SEPTA driver and some of the videos are actually hilarious.

After going through the Instagram page of Eric Lilley, also known as @bus_driver_doo on Instagram, we found out that he has a comical way of telling SEPTA passengers what not to do while using public transportation.

My favorite video on @bus_driver_doo's Instagram is the one where he is making fun of Ben Simmons. Eric Lilley says in his Instagram post that SEPTA passengers act a lot like Ben Simmons when it comes to paying the bus fare. They are scared to pay the fare just like the Philadelphia 76ers player is afraid to shoot a basket.

Another thing that @bus_driver_doo pointed out is that all Philadelphians after paying the bus fare feel like they deserve a round of applause. It's too funny.

Eric Lilley makes fun of his everyday life to let everyone know what a bus driver has to go through but while doing his job he has made some great relationships. In one of the bus driver's Instagram posts, he mentions that "Some of the people I met on the bus that became folks."

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, many bus drivers from all over the country as well as internationally have reached out to Eric Lilley to join him on a ride-along during their bus driver shift.

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