6abc reports, Septa is making some major changes for riders who take Septa mass transit. Beginning Tuesday June 1st, Septa will no longer have capacity limits. They are following the CDC's recommendations as well as following Philadelphia and Pennsylvania's reopening plans.

Riders will still be required to wear masks while they are riding on any mass transit vehicle or train. Septa says their transit vehicles are very well ventilated and air filters are installed in all of their vehicles. They also do extensive cleaning of their vehicles daily. For more details visit this article from 6abc or visit Septa's website.

I remember a time where we used to take the train into New York City and we would take NJ Transit and depending how far we would have to walk, we'd take the subway. I was okay with NJ Transit, but the subway, not so much. It was not a smooth ride and I ended up freaking out a little bit. I'm okay on busses and trains, but for some reason the subway bothers me. I can't even imagine taking mass transit during the pandemic.

During the pandemic there was just a new set of worries. Worries of germs, being too close to people, and of course, not really being able to breathe as well with a mask on. I practice deep breathing on multiple stressful occasions, and it's very hard with a mask. I am very grateful that I woke a job that is only a 20 minute drive from my house and I never had to take mass transit to work. I know so many people rely on it and I give them so much credit.

Hopefully riders will like the increased capacity on Septa. This is another nice reminder that things are getting better.

This Firehouse AirBnB in Lambertville Will be Your Staycation

This Airbnb in Lambertville is sure to be your next staycation. It was once a firehouse and now is an adorable place to stay when you want to get away, but not go too far. It is extremely unique and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms so four guests can use it. It's two stories, located in beautiful Lambertville and even has a rooftop deck. The hosts rent it out for $282 a night. 

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