If you’re going on Vacation during the month of August it may not go as smoothly as you thought.  Don’t plan on taking SEPTA to get to the Philadelphia International airport unless you want a disruption.

It's ok to be worry free, SEPTA will not leave you completely stranded. They will be offering services to take shuttles to where passengers need to go. Don't get ahead of yourself and think these services are free. Conductors will be at each boarding location to collect ticket fairs or SEPTA key quick key trips.

According to Philly Voice,  shuttle bus will be offered from August 4th till 11:52 pm August 19th. Pick up are will be Zone 8 of the airport's South Commercial Roadway and run between train platforms and baggage claims. Make sure to pack light because you might be moving your heavy baggage to and from shuttle ports.

Not only will this infrastructure rebuild affect travelers trying to catch a flight but, it will also disrupt commuters using the Wilmington/ Newark Line during the same time period. If you typically use the Suburban, Jefferson, or Temple University stations, sorry but you’re not in luck this month. There will be no service to or from these stations, nor will there but on the Media/Elwyn Line between 49th and 30th Street Stations.

These disruptions are caused by the up and coming changes for the Southwest Connection Improvement Program, to rebuild track infrastructures. Although annoying to commuters, lets hope it will result in smoother traveling.

For more info on the Southwest Connection Improvement Program visit the SEPTA website.

Safe Travels My Friends!!

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