A serious accident has closed a closure of Route 1 in the very busy Langhorne, PA area. See pics below. 

A truck has struck the divider, and that will likely take a while to be cleared and possibly repaired. This will likely last for a while longer.

Traffic cameras show a serious situation a they're working to remove the truck which is lodged in the overpass.|


The worst part? This is affecting BOTH the Northbound and Southbound sides of the roadway. At this point, avoid Route 1 in Bucks County if you can.

We’re told that the Southbound side of Route 1 is closed between PA-213 and Bellvue Avenue. Traffic is JAMMED back to I-295, as of about 1:45 pm, according to 94.5 PST’s traffic reporters. 


Meanwhile, on the Northbound side of Route 1, the roadway is closed Old Lincoln Highway and PA-213. Traffic is jammed back to Rockhill Drive.

We'll let you know when we hear that the roadway will be reopening.

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