The internet never lets us down with funny memes. During the Super Bowl Halftime show, Shakira and JLo put on a great performance but Shakira did a little noise with her tongue that had the internet creating memes right away.

Some people have compared the Shakira tongue noise with Patrick from SpongeBob.

It's great.

Other Instagram users compared it to the Grinch and said that it's just like "when you're both crazy" in a relationship.

You can't do anything out of the norm because the internet will come after you instantly to get a laugh out of others.

Check this one out. They combined the Shakira video with a goat sticking out its tongue.

Shakira wasn't the only one that got memes from the Super Bowl Halftime show. Jennifer Lopez's back up dancer had so much energy and viewers compared themselves to him.

If you didn't catch the Halftime show here is the full performance.

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