Whoever says that they watch more regular TV over streaming, you might want to look at them dead in the eye and call them a LIAR! No but really.

Streaming is where is at now, especially streaming in bed. Nothing better than cuddling with pillows and streaming shows.

Tuck.com did some research and found that 45% of Americans have actually pulled all-nighters just because they can't stop streaming their favorite show.

Tuck.com aims to improve sleep hygiene through the creation and dissemination of data and tips for consumers and professionals.

A very big amount of Americans (18 and older) were surveyed and it seems like we do a lot of in bed streaming.

The two categories that did the most in bed streaming were divorced and single people.

A little shocking because if you think about it you would imagine single and divorced people getting wild trying to find a random hook up at a bar. Wait it's 2018, things have changed. Divorced individuals come in hot with 91% saying that they do a lot of in bed streaming. Single people land at a solid 88.9%.

Woman and her life in a bed
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Now let's move over to New Jersey, how much streaming is done by a New Jersey resident you ask? 93.5% is your answer. That is a big percentage!

You might want to share some good show ideas with the Pennsylvania residents. Pennsylvanians don't binge watch as much but definitely have a pretty high number, 79.4% do some in bed streaming.

Netflix and chill is really taking over. Should we be embarrassed that we stream so much? Check out more data from Tuck.com by clicking here.

Eh! Oh well! Stream on Streamers!

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