2020, oh what a year to remember. The first pandemic for all of us and to top it off it was an election year. What a mess. We've all experienced major changes and they will continue to come. One thing that won’t change is that Santa is still going to ask you if you have been naughty or nice this year Holiday Season but the whole sitting on his lap deal is more than likely not going to happen.

According to FOX 29, most shopping malls across the country that will have a Santa will be practicing social distancing by having kids tell Santa what they want for Christmas from afar. We learned from FOX 29 that multiple locations will even use plexiglass to protect Santa. We all know that Santa is a bigger guy and a little older so with that being said that puts him at a higher risk of catching the coronavirus. Some shopping malls are completely against the use of plexiglass. They shared with FOX 29 that the reason for that is because plexiglass will not look good in pictures at all.

We learned from FOX 29 that shopping malls will do whatever it takes to keep the holiday spirits high and have Santa at their locations but the reason for that is to bring in more shoppers and have more traffic at the stores. A retail store member told FOX 29 that you have to give shoppers a reason to come to the mall and Santa is one of those reasons.

With COVID-19 cases rising nationwide would you still consider shopping at the mall and paying Santa a quick visit?

FOX 29 shared that Santa will be either wearing a mask or a face shield at different locations where he will be making an appearance.

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