We've noticed a growing trend in recent years, and we were a little curious to get your take on the issue:

Should schools close for "Take Your Sons & Daughter's To Work Day?" Sound off here:

We've noticed that this year's holiday (which is Thursday, April 25), was included as a day off for students in several area school districts. Yeah, the Lawrence Township School District and the Ewing Public Schools are among the school districts that have planned to close their doors tomorrow.

If you think about it: it kind of makes sense that schools will be closing. Absence rates can't go above a certain percentage, according to state laws. So why not curtail the problem and just close the doors? In fact, here at PST, we'll have more than a handful of kids visiting us for the day.

Of course, it's "spring break" week in a lot of area school districts. So how easy do you think it is for those families to drag their kids outta bed and into work?

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