UPDATE: We've named the winner of our favorite hairstylist.
Click here to find out who won.

We know that it's been a LONG couple of months since we last saw our hairstylists. They serve so many roles in our lives including a friend and therapist, so of course, we miss them.

Plus, your hair is probably pretty long too. So while we're waiting to reunite with our beloved hairstylists in the "new normal,” we asked you to nominate your favorites. We got hundreds of names. In fact, we had more than 4,000 votes in the first round.

So we calculated the stylists that had the most nominations, and we made a list of the top 25 for our poll.

Voting has now ended. We'll announce the winner around noon online today (Wednesday, June 10).

 Not only will the top vote-getter earn the recognition from PST, but you will also have the honor of being the “Area’s Favorite Hairstylist” bestowed upon you.

So vote now, and tell your friends to vote, because we're sure you want to get your next haircut from the "Best Hair Stylist In The Area.”

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