New Jersey has been called "the Garden State" for as long as I can remember. It originally got this nickname for essentially being a huge barrel filled with good things to eat. People from both New York and Philadelphia come to New Jersey for our produce, so the name has always stuck. According to NJ Monthly, two thirds of the state is made up of farmland. New Jersey has always been known for manufacturing, and agriculture is its third largest industry. We are so proud to be called the Garden State that we even slapped the phrase onto our license plates. However, over the years residents of New Jersey have started to form a different opinion about their state. Some people even think it may be time for a nickname change.

Its no secret that COVID-19 has heavily affect the way we consume things. With people being in lockdown, we were forced to start shopping online. According to, as a result the demand and need for more warehouses in the state significantly increased. It was like a domino effect. The need for warehouses and fulfilment stores caused a need for more trucks.

The amount of warehouses in New Jersey at this point is insane. And the people have spoken! A lot of people have expressed on social media that New Jersey should be renamed "The Warehouse State."

According to, The Port of New Jersey and New York is the nation’s second busiest. If you noticed New Jersey becoming less like a garden and more like a construction warzone, its because the warehouse are loud, causing traffic, and are generating a lot of air pollution.

The good news is, New Jersey does have a statewide land use plan that could address the issue. All I know is that they have a few more months to get it together, or I'm starting a petition for a name change. We don't deserve "Garden State" at this point.


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