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Feeling sad about being single this Valentine’s Day? Or are you like me, and did you go through a recent breakup? Well, I just found out about an awesome way to voice your frustrations... and you get a free drink.

The Bourse Food Hall is offering the ultimate anti-Valentine’s Day celebration for singles. You can “Shred-(her) or Him:” at the Bourse. The Bar by Bluebird Distilling will have a shredder on site all day on Friday, and you can get a free drink if you participate.

Guests are encouraged to "celebrate their single-dom" by bringing a photo of their ex to shred on-site. You know… that ex that wronged you? Yeah, bring their photo to the Bourse any time on Friday. Now is your chance to get your frustrations out on that guy who blew you off with a text message... after dating for almost two years.

If you shred a photo of your ex, you’ll receive a complimentary Clover Club Cocktail. The drink consists of Bluebird Distilling's Juniperus Gin, lemon juice, egg white, and raspberry shrub.

If you’re like me, now you probably just have to decide WHICH ex you should bring a photo of for the shredder.

Luckily for me, at least two of my exes have dated each other, so maybe I should just find a photo of them together? #GayProblems

You can shred a photo (for a free cocktail) from 11 am until closing on Friday.

If you are happily in love, by the way, they will have programming for happy couples (and great food) all day as well.

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