Six Flags Great Adventure's Safari has welcomed an adorable new addition, and she's just made her public debut.

Siberian tiger mom, Nadya, gave birth to her cub, Carli, about six weeks ago, the amusement park announced on Monday.

After Nadya failed to nurse her newborn, Six Flags vets stepped in to help Carli and now she's doing better than ever. Check it out:

Siberian tigers are actually an endangered species and there are less the 500 left in the world.

“Today, Carli is doing extremely well. She weighs 12 pounds and when full grown, will weigh more than 500 lbs. Her large paws are indicative of the massive cat she will grow to become one day," Six Flags Veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer said in a statement.

Although you won't be able to see Carli just yet, Six Flags said in a press release that guests will hopefully be able to see her in the park's Safari Discoveries soon.

Carli, by the way, is named after one of Jersey's favorite athletes. Six Flag officials said she was named in honor of soccer great Carli Lloyd.

In the meantime, if you're dying to see this cub's cuteness ... you can always watch the video above over and over again (like I did).


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