Six Flags Great Adventure is in celebration mode because they just added two new team members to their squad....and they are freaking adorable!

Siberian Tiger, Nadya, recently gave birth to two female Siberian tiger cubs at the New Jersey theme park.

They were born on April 25th making them only 10 weeks old and their names are Heather and Julie -- they are named after members of the US Women's National Soccer Team,  Healther Mitts Feeley and Julie Ertz.

“Nadya has shown great care in raising Heather and Julie,” said Safari Veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer. “In the wild, cubs will spend two to three years with mom before they go off on their own."


Just to put it into perspective, right now Heather and Julie weight about 15 pounds. However, by the time they are fully grown, they will weigh over 500 pounds. (And we were upset about the Quarantine 15)

Now in case you didn't know, this is a super rare and momentous occasion because Siberian Tigers-- who are the largest cat in the world -- are endangered and experts say there are fewer than 500 Siberian Tigers left in the wild.

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You want to see these cuties up-close for yourself? You can in the Tigris Asiana section of the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure. Just remember that you need to make a reservation first before you go because Six Flags needs to ensure they can control the crowds.

Fun Fact:  Six Flags Great Adventure now offers a new, free audio tour that is available to stream online. You can listen to it in your car as you ride through and it will provide fun facts about 70 different species of animals at the safari!!

For a closer look, CLICK HERE.  

Now what do you say we show you these adorable Siberian cubs. Aren't they freakin cute?!?!

Take a look below:

Meet Heather & Julie: Six Flag's Two New Siberian Tiger Cubs

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