Rain and clouds on a Friday really isn’t the best because it kind of makes you sluggish for the rest of the weekend. If you think about it, we are approaching the season of snow. Yay, Snow days!

Alright, but now I have a question for you. Have you ever gotten text from multiple friends in early November saying that it "smells like snow in the air"? Yeah, probably not.

What does it even mean when they say it  "smells like snow in the air"? Does snow even have a smell?

Credit: My Cellphone
Credit: My Cellphone

What are some things to look forward to this winter... besides the smell of snow?

For anyone that wears make up, you can look forward to often having that glowing look with natural rosy cheeks...bye bye blush!

Snow days are a perfect way to get away from ANY party or social event that you dread going to. Gotta find an excuse somehow, you know!

By far, my favorite part of the winter is that you get a chance to redeem yourself and perhaps actually pull through with the new years resolutions you gave up on last year.

Now I will ask again, what does it mean when some one says, “It smells like snow in the air"?

I guess we will never know!

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