A local boy is doing his part to help those in need right here in Mercer County, and it is making us smile.

Sandro Cunningham (who is just 9 years old) set up a coat rack outside of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen with coats that he has gathered from donations for anyone in need, according to NJ.com. He is the cutest kid too.

The Polar Vortex is real and the bone-chilling temperatures have been no joke. There have been 21 reported deaths so far because of the extreme cold temperatures and the number may continue to rise.

Most 9-year-old boys are not thinking about others, but Sandro certainly does. He first started Sandro's Coat Rack, three years ago. His Dad, who is a Trenton Police Officer, helps with the coat drive. When his father patrols the area, he notices when they need extra donations. So the two work to add more coats to the rack. They accept donations from all over Mercer County.

Sandro also collects donations in the warmer months. Of course, they're not collecting coats. But they are collecting personal hygiene products for whoever is in need.

Way to go, Sandro! He's an awesome kid and even though it's ridiculously cold outside, Sandro warmed our hearts.

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