Whoa...smoke from the devastating wildfires in California and Oregon has made its way all the way across the country to New Jersey, according to Northjersey.com. Ugh.

Have you noticed the haze? I have, a little bit. Well, it's going to be sticking around until tomorrow night, weather forecasters say. But, don't worry, the article says the smoke in our area is so high in the atmosphere, that it should not be harmful to your health. Phew. That's a relief.

Bill Goodman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in New York says, "We're seeing it 25,000 to 30,000 feet up, so there's no impact on ground level, which is a good thing for us."

People first started noticing the smoke on Monday, some saying there was a halo around the sun and it was a lot less bright. As I sit here, looking out the window of the PST studio, it's cloudy, but, it doesn't look like a normal cloudy day. So weird. Can you imagine how all of this smoke has affected those in California, Oregon, and neighboring states? Scary. Childhood friends of mine are living in California and the pictures they're posting are horrifying...it looks like a darkening, evening sky all day long.

A cold front is coming our way from Canada late Thursday night, and should push all of the smoke to the south of us. Friday should look much more clear in our area.

Millions of acres have burned because of these awful fires. The New York Times is reporting that some rain is expected in Oregon, which will hopefully help firefighting efforts.

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