Summer, everyone's most anticipated season of the year.

It's the perfect time to go out with friends, go to the beach, have a barbecue, or just have a campfire at night.

One major con that most of us struggle with during this season is the dreaded heat.

There is nothing more embarrassing than to realize that you have sweated through your clothes.

Well that seems to be a problem of the past now.

Sony is developing a wearable "air conditioner" ,the Reon Pocket, that will keep you fresh and cool under your clothes according to the Thrillist.

With this excessive heat wave we are experiencing, how I wish I had this right now.

As stated by the Thrillist the Reon Pocket is "a battery-powered, smartphone-sized pack that uses something known as the Peltier effect to silently produce heat or cooling (via electrical currents)."

When you place this device on the base of a person's neck, it can lower their temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit or increase it by 14 degrees.

It not only cools you down in the heat but it can warm you up in the cold too. You can also change the temperatures on you phone since it is controlled via Bluetooth.

Woah, how cool does that sound?!

As reported by the Thrillist it is expected to be available starting March 2020 but it would first launch in Japan so it might take a little while to reach the US. It will also be priced for just $115.

Well, I have the survived the heat wave so far, I think I can wait a little more.

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