We had an interesting debate in the office today, and it got us thinking ahead to the Fourth of July. Are you off of work on July 5 this year?

It’s a weird year since the Fourth of July falls on a Thursday. Are you going back to work just for a Friday? Sound off by taking our poll:

In our office, the Fourth of July is the only holiday. So we’ll be here on Friday, July 5. Some of the office staff is taking off that day, so it’ll be quiet around here, I'm sure.

I always joke that we aren't saving lives here (like nurses and doctors who work EXTRA hard to keep us safe during holidays), so maybe we should all petition that our boss lets us all off that day?

Yeah, we’re probably not that lucky. But who wants to waste a vacation day on a day that’ll be pretty quiet in terms of office work. So it’s kind of a lose/lose situation after all, right?

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