For those that did a lot of tailgating during the Philadelphia Eagles football season, we are sure that you are extremely bummed that at the moment it's not happening. Well, don't lose hope because fingers crossed that you can tailgate some time during the new season.

For now, you may have to settle for some tailgating away from the Lincoln Financial Field.

According to FOX 29, the venue owner of the Estate of Monroe in Williamstown, New Jersey is trying to keep the Eagles football spirit alive by turning the parking lot of the business into a drive-in tailgate experience. It has been reported by FOX 29 that you can bring a carload of people for only $40. That isn't too bad. To make things better here are some of the things that come with the $40 fee, " DJ, food trucks and the Birds game on a giant 40-foot LED screen."

Not too bad.

If your question is, will there be guidelines to follow for social distancing? Yes, there will be. FOX 29 mentioned that parking spaces during the tailgate at the Estate of Monroe will be socially distanced. We have an even better question, will the Philadelphia Eagles fans be able to follow some social distancing rules? We all know how rowdy and fun the tailgates at the Lincoln Financial Field can get.

The owner of the Estate of Monroe is just trying to help the Birds fans stay a little "sane" and keep a little "normalcy" during these interesting times. Not a bad idea because it can give Eagles fans something to do while also keeping his business running.

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