Calling all pickle-lovers! Where ya at? What I'm about to reveal to you is a pretty BIG DILL!


You're welcome for the pun. 😏

People make fun of me all the time for my love of pickles, but I can't help that I was born this way! I will try any pickle anywhere at any time of the day. There used to be a sandwich shop in Northfield called Peace Love Pickles that made subs sans the bun. What would the substitute the bread with, you ask? Giant pickles, of course. They've since closed up shop, so that was a bummer to a bunch of South Jersey-based pickle-lovers, myself included.


Well, we have something else to look forward to trying out now! There's a brand-new pickle store right in the heart of Smithville! Located in Historic Smithville Village, the Smithville Pickle Company has apparently been open since February of 2023 and had a pretty outstanding first month.

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If you take a look at their Facebook page, you'll see that they had their soft opening back in mid-February. Apparently, it wasn't as small as they thought it was going to be. They sold out of almost everything in the store. Sure, they have A BUNCH of different pickles, but they also have other merchandise for sale that they were also running low of that weekend.

Not a bad soft opening, guys!

The Smithville Pickle Company has been open for about a month now and are encouraging all South Jersey pickle-lovers to come and see what they're all about. They're located in Smithville Village and are open Tuesday through Sunday from 11-5 with the exception of Saturdays when their hours are from 10a-6p.

Source: Facebook

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