Happy birthday to Taylor Swift! She turns 34 today (December 13th).

Rumor has it her NFL star boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, is planning a big party for her. I've heard buzz he told the party planner that money is no object.

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Taylor was spotted out doing a little early celebrating with one of her best friends, Selena Gomez, and Miles Teller and his wife last night in New York City.

The Pennsylvania SPCA came up with a great idea for celebrating Taylor's birthday. It's super easy to be a part of it.

The animal protection group has created the #TaylorSwiftChallenge.

Everyone is invited to take it. It could really make a difference.

It's simple. Here's what you do: Go to the Pennsylvania SPCA website. You'll see #TaylorSwiftChallenge right on the homepage. Click Donate Now and you'll have the opportunity to donate $13 to a local animal shelter. Remember, Taylor's favorite number is 13.

You'll see a drop-down menu of places and funds that you can donate to. See, I told you it was easy

Taylor is an animal lover, so I'm sure she loves this challenge.

Kisha Reinmiller, the director of the Pennsylvania SPCA's Lancaster center is thrilled about the #TaylorSwiftChallenge and said, "They thought it was a nice, symbolic way to say, like, this is how you can help shelters by donating $13, her favorite number, to animal rescues locally. If people can't adopt, monetary donations are incredibly helpful."

The Pennsylvania SPCA runs mostly on donations. Every little bit helps if you're able.

For more information on the #TaylorSwiftChallenge and the Pennsylvania SPCA, click here. 

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